Ringmaster of the Circus Fabulosus. He made a pact with the Devil in 1688 to give himself immortality and power. In return he was required to kill seven innocents, on the last full moon of Summer every 51 years, with all the victims to come from the town of Brasov, high in the Carpathian mountains, where he first made his pact.

He and his Demonic Circus were defeated in late 1892 through the actions of the members of the Southend Lodge, who were in Brasov to collect a diary from Father Anton Borescu who kept the Church there.

He wielded a curious whip that manifested teeth as it struck flesh, and also seemed to be able to exert some kind of controlling power over those it entangled.

Circus MembersEdit

Atlas - The StrongmanEdit

A Huge Brute, almost pure muscle. When examined post-mortem it was discovered that the creature had no tongue or vocal chords, and no genitalia or renal system of any kind. It would appear to be some kind of demonic Homunculus, used as a bodyguard.

-"Ha some body guard, even Stephy had more umph in him than this guy. Weakling." - Rigg

The Sword SwallowerEdit

Able to eat all manner of sharp items, and then spit them out in a deadly vomit. It is also able to leap great heights and open it's entire body, using the sharp items it has devoured as makeshift teeth to take anything the size of a child completely within itself and digest it. Larger creatures, such as a full grown man, cannot be 'swallowed whole' but can still be killed if they cannot break free of its Jaws.

The CandymenEdit

Posessing, in their true form, no hands, and a gangly appearance, the Candymen throw gobs of pink, sticky ooze, that both bind their targets in place if they are not strong enough to pull free, and melt the very flesh from their bones!

- "Was such a dissappointment, no wonder Garvin got stuck, piece of ...,. candy floss" -Rigg

Bearded LadiesEdit

The hair on these women is almost sentient, or at least under the full control of the demon. It is used to hinder the movements of those around them, or, if focused on a single foe, can be used to both bind and crush the life from their enemies. They seem passive unless cornered, preferring to inconvenience an enemy so that other deamons may have an easier time attacking.

- "Need more hair care, bloody knotted hair" - Rigg

Killer ClownsEdit

Huge, oversized caricatures of a man, they appear as someone dressed in a great Clown suit, with makeup, but everything about them is 'physical'. They are able to spray acid from flower-like protruberances on their chests, and drop marble-like items that make movement difficult. They delight in embarrasing their enemies with pratfalls and pranks, but can also deliver strong blows with seemingly innocuous looking rubber mallets.

-" (giggles to himself quietly) Not funny at all, unelss you mash their face, then highly amusing, will do again!" - Rigg


Lesser deamons attached to the Circus, able to pass as 'normal humans' unless they decide to reveal their freakish nature, which can be most unsettling for those who are weak of constitution.