Armoured Waistcoat

A Waistcoat or Corset impregnated with slivers of steel that allow for flexibility of use, light weight and total concealability, while still offering more than adequate protection to the torso of the wearer.

Game StatisticsEdit

Light Armoured Clothing (Prototype)

Weight: 5, Armour: +2, Location: Torso Only.

An armoured waistcoat or corset will only be indentified if an active searcher makes a successful notice roll at -2.

If a 1 is rolled on the Vigour die for a soak roll, then the slivers of metal impregnating the clothing have combusted and the wearer is now on fire, following the normal rules in the Savage Worlds Rulebook.

Cost to Build: £6

Challenger believes that with further research he can increase the protection offered by his armoured clothing, with no loss of concealability.