The Rippers can replenish their weapons here.

The armoury allows the lodge to manufacture its own weapons and armour, create their own ammunition and make repairs to damaged equipment (using the facility modifier to apply to repair rolls). Given a supply of raw materials, the Rippers can prepare a ready arsenal of weaponry to equip their lodge for the fight.

£5 worth of standard weapons or Armour may be manufactured each month without any expenditure beyond the usual upkeep costs. If the Armoury is manned by a Ripper with the Repair skill, a full months work and a repair roll will provide an Additional £5 worth of equipment on a success And £10 worth on a raise. A second Ripper with the Repair skill may aid the first, using the normal rules for co-operative rolls. (Again, the facility modifier applies to these rolls)

Facility Modifier: +1Edit

Currently Available EquipmentEdit


  • 7 Shotguns
  • 3 Rifles
  • 2 Improved Gatling Pistol
  • 5 Pistols


  • 200 Rounds of Shot for Shotguns
  • 54 Rounds of Silver Shot for Shotguns
  • 100 Rounds of Rifle Ammunition
  • 400 Rounds of Pistol Ammunition
  • 100 Rounds of Silver Pistol Ammunition

Other Missile WeaponsEdit

  • 20 Throwing Knives

Melee WeaponsEdit

  • 11 Knives
  • 14 Cold Iron Daggers
  • 10 Silver Daggers
  • 8 Saps
  • 1 Pair Ripper Claws



  • 2 Hooded Lanterns
  • 20 Pints of Oil
  • 100' Rope
  • 1 Rhumkorff's Apparatus
  • 1 Challenger Apparatus (Experimental)
  • 9 Voltaic Cells
  • 17 Vials of Holy Water
  • 3 Pairs of Field Glasses
  • 1 Barrel of Salt
  • 1 Set Manacles
  • 1 Policeman's Whistle
  • 1 (Damaged) Police Sergeant's Uniform
  • 1 Luminiferous Aether Camera
  • 3 sets of Travelling Luggage with concealed compartments for transporting weapons.
  • 2 Compasses
  • 10 Hand Mirrors
  • 2 Pickaxes
  • 2 Shovels
  • 50 Suits/Dresses of High-Class Clothing.

Special ItemsEdit

  • The Ring of Thoth (2 Doses Remaining)

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