Everard FriakeEdit

Telegram to Friake - Their Timeline
Belladonna will make herself available in Mayfair for two days, then invite Friake to travel with her and Alain Maigny back to the Southend Lodge, where she is willing to further train him in Rippertech.

She will make any of the Advanced Rippertech recipies she knows available to him - suggesting that Demon Hide is a particularly good use of the Naga's skin and that the Naga's Mesmeric Gaze may be similar to that of a Vampire, and thus implantable in a similar manner.

Alain MaignyEdit

Reply to First Correspondance from Alain Maigny
The reply is written in French.


The First month's psychoanalysis is under Dr. House herself - She gets a Success.

The Second month's psychoanalysis resulted in Dr. House going Bust on her healing roll (we will assume that she had to spend time away from the Southend lodge, resulting in abandonment issues from Alain). Fortunately the Southend Lodge has another Alienist (NPC Ripper Dr. Herbert Chase), who took over when she was absent. Dr. Chase gained a success.

The final month Dr. House returned and completed the therapy.

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