• Tavis Hill

    A War and a Party

    April 19, 2011 by Tavis Hill

    The Villagers of Rottingdean were roused to battle due to the timely playing of adventure cards this week - the 'Angry Mob' Card, which was then repeated with the 'Lets do that again' Card.

    I ruled that a few more than the 16 extras which should have been available turned up ... more like 64 (8x8 ... fancy that) ... a rallying cry to the whole village to stand against the fishmen that had taken their children. This led to a mass battle in the caves beneath Rottingdean, which was only barely won by the Rippers - perhaps due to the two Rippers that led the battle not actually having the Knowledge (Battle) skill ... but cunning plans and the element of surprise, along with individual actions of the Wild Cards helped to turn the day.

    After much…

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  • Tavis Hill

    A Second Lodge

    April 5, 2011 by Tavis Hill

    Something happened in the game this week that I really wasn't expecting ...

    A strategic mission was a triumph, gaining both a new Novice, and a benefactor ... well, the lodge already has a large number of benefactors - and I'm starting to think I need to enforce them being 'checked up on' - or they're going to start cancelling their funding ... which will prove interesting for the lodge as a whole, I feel ...

    But rather than give another Novice and Benefactor, I gave the option to start a second lodge (I must be crazy!) and the players took it. Now they have two lodges to 'run' - one large and successful, and the second a smaller subsidiary of the main lodge.

    They latched onto the idea that the smaller lodge could take facilities that the la…

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  • Tavis Hill

    Just had our first session with only four players. Quite a big stepdown from the eight I had at one point, and the usual 5-6.

    Garvin's player lost his job and therefore has no free time any more, The Reverend's player moved to the other end of the country and Carstairs' player was finding that he wasn't seeing his fiancee enough - so all dropped out in the same week.

    So - what to do?

    All of their characters become extras that are part of the lodge - even though not all are of Heroic rank, their additional skills above a standard extra mean that I've put them in the 'Heroic Tier' of allies.

    Since the remaining characters are mostly 'non-combatants' I recommended that the players of Cheng-Lou, Jones and Belladonna all take a 'physically compete…

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  • Tavis Hill

    London Below

    September 19, 2010 by Tavis Hill

    Last night's game took some of the Rippers into Neverwhere's London Below.

    They met Mr. Croup and Mr. Vandemar and The Marquis de Carabas amongst others.

    I think that Neverwhere fits rather well with the Rippers ... giving an 'other place' that is just one step further away from reality than the Rippers are used to dealing with, but which has certain overlaps with the world that they are used to dealing with. And Islington could still appear later, in one guise or another ...

    And Belladonna gave Rig some more Rippertech - replacing the Croupier's Fingers that he had implanted. The loss of the initiative boost was lamented - but the fortunate removal of the gambling habit side effect was eagerly accepted. It is unfortunate that Belladonna's…

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  • Typh747

    Night fight

    August 28, 2010 by Typh747

    just finished another post, so we're in fact on way for 1:1 catch up YAY!

    its been a strange journey writing myfingers to the bone Rippertech pls Doc, but I ahve just finsihed, believe it or not, two stories being merged together.

    Making it into a decent length.

    So going for:


    Scotland 2


    Artic Trip

    Tarnished Goods

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  • Tavis Hill

    With Rig having suffered his first bout of Ripping Psychosis, thanks to an Adventure Card used by Bill (The Player of Robert Carstairs) he recieved a letter from Brother John Melmoth (Google Melmoth the Wanderer for info about where he 'came from'), who he visited and was offered Immortality (and the inability to die ...) and Sorcerous Power, in return for his Soul ...

    The rest of the group that were with him were shocked an appauled at the offer - but at least no-one made the mistake of physically attacking Melmoth...

    Rig didn't take Melmoth up on the offer that Saturday night - but as the group were remaining in Prague (where they had gone to meet Melmouth) for another night, he returned the next night ... and ACCEPTED!

    Dan, Rig's player, w…

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  • Typh747

    I was given the option of:

    immortality & demonic powers

    in exchange for for my soul.

    I took the decision that this was the best gamble rigg would ever have, at the cost as well, of no bennies and no card plays.

    Looking at the spells, to be honest I was initially dissappointed with at what i had got, but the first spell that gives Rigg much more damage which I know, he would ahve loved.

    This also looks like the only way to maximise this, is to get more crzy, more reason loss, to give pluses to his "Demonic Pact" skill roll.

    So more Rippertech will be needed. This does make a huge problem for shaken now, since I can not recover very eaily nor can I use bennies to unshake.

    We shall see how this unfolds in later adventures.

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  • Typh747

    Epic one - AWAY

    August 12, 2010 by Typh747

    Fionished the first of the five epic missions the lodge has done.

    For thos who wonder what are the epic ones:

    Scotland - archie

    Scotland - Baphemet (i can never spell it) demon

    Devon - coterill

    Circus in brasov


    So anyway, one down 4 to go :)

    Im still going to be drawing a picture for Archie in wolf form,. but that can wait, i have the vanhelsing one for a while.

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  • Tavis Hill

    Taking Back the Night

    August 11, 2010 by Tavis Hill

    Dealt with the Strategic Missions for the time most of the Rippers leadership were 'away in Antarctica' with Matt last night over Facebook. It went well from a 'running things' point of view - and even if Matt has to stay away for a while due to work, I think it would prove a good way to keep him 'involved' in what's going on. I'll probably throw a couple of XP his way for it too, as there was some Roleplaying and more than a few good ideas involved on his part.

    It's just a shame that so many of the NPC's managed to die during his time in charge. Surely it proves that he is, indeed, a Cabal magnet, and that the forces are arrayed against him with far greater fervour than the rest of the merry band!

    Did all the write ups this morning - Qui…

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  • Typh747

    Ripping psychosis

    August 8, 2010 by Typh747

    So today Carsteirs played ripping psychosis, because I was unconscious and we all wanted to see what it was like.

    So i rolled and got temporary psychosis, which you have to wait for a joker for, it was a shame that my action card then was a joker, and it didnt count.

    So I had to attack the nearest target, so both a mook and Doc were 3 spaces away, so I had to do a d6 roll off. even were the mook, odd meant I would hit Doc. I rolled a six :) Lucky Doc.

    So I was pummeling a mob, ripped its jaw off, meanwhile the group worked out the rest of the big bad guys.

    Another mbo appeared next to me, which poisoned me, which AGAIN made me unconscious.

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  • Typh747

    Rigg an NPC. Awesome

    August 6, 2010 by Typh747

    SO I recieve this email from Wretch on great white games forum:

    Hi Granthar,
    I have just been chatting with Tavis about your Ripper Tales campaign and Wiki. I was complimenting him on some of the content, specifically the journals of some of the players, and he mentioned that you were playing Rig. So I just wanted to drop you a quick hello to compliment you as I thought it was a great read!
    Im definitely going to be encouraging my players to follow your lead, and if you dont object I may even have Rig appear as an NPC in my campaign.

    I was speechless for quite a bit, had to get bex over to read for herself, she was happy for me, even saying "Go on you know you want to jump up and down in excitement" lots of willpower was used trus…

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  • Typh747

    Trip to scotland

    August 5, 2010 by Typh747

    Well I have done upto the lodge fight, so Got the whole finding of archie and then fighting with archie to do.

    But as far as I can tell wiki is down, for maintainence.

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  • Tavis Hill

    As written in the book, recruiting Challenger gives a bonus point of Influence and the opportunity to have him produce a working version of The Challenger Apparatus, which, while undeniably useful in Vampire Hunting, takes rather a long time to complete and a not inconsiderable amount of money to have him around month on month to be able to develop.

    For some that might not seem to be enough 'bang for the buck' so I decided to expand on Challenger's 'usefulness' providing a variety of different projects that he could work on, giving the Lodge more 'reasons' to keep him around in order that they be developed and become useful. It also gives a reason for the ongoing effect of the Influence bonus that he provides.

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  • Tavis Hill

    Reverend Revelations

    July 29, 2010 by Tavis Hill

    It was good to have Matt back with us after such a long while ... and an interesting little scene when he discovered that the group had battled "The Baphomet" and defeated it.

    So ... the Reverend wants to face and destroy "The Baphomet" for good, does he ... Muahahahaaa..

    Ahem, I mean ... how interesting, I shall have to consider that for future plotlines.

    Tavis Hill 13:47, July 29, 2010 (UTC)

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  • Typh747

    Finished Kign in Yellow. Might have a few added last details to add, but the main body is there in the flesh (muhahah).

    Took forever, just hope I havent left out bits that I thought weren't action fillers.

    Anyway, hope others can read this and rate it either here, or the story. Enjoy.

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  • Tavis Hill

    Just realised that putting some stuff in here might just be a good idea ...

    Well, I'm generally happy with the way the campaign is going - we've got some great characters - I think you lot (the players) just need to get your heads around balancing the NPC Taking Back the Night with your own 'going out and doing stuff too'.

    You're the ones that'll get the Big £££'s coming in to support the lodge, and then get all the shiny stuff that you might want to have coming along as well :)

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  • Typh747


    July 15, 2010 by Typh747

    So. There I was, having much difficulty vs the werewolf, adding the pluses from champion, followed by knucks,slugger. Penalties with offhand, wild attack, head/limb shot. then he wasnt a wolf!!! So irratating, and I was praying I didnt go berserk, because we wanted this guy alive, then ofcourse, wolf out, hulk up from me, BUT didnt kill him, then calmed down, /phew.

    Much awaited answers to the whole asylum, death of Arthur and other things sorted out, fast forward to Roland speakign german to a guard, whilst impersonatiing one. Had me in stiches when he played "uh oh, we'er gona need a bigger boat" cue inmates /facepalm, "oh look theres a big guy with not a lot there upstairs going stright for Morag /cry.

    This was a mega adventure, couldnt h…

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  • Typh747

    What a long day

    July 8, 2010 by Typh747

    Well with the recent trouble of wiki not registering my password, this some what slowed me down, plus the amoutn of time I was checkign youtube for movies.

    Anwyway finally Croupier is finished.

    Puppet master should be a lot shorter, not unless I flesh it out more. I have to watch the quantity I write now, because it seems wiki has a word count for a page, everything past that is not viewable.

    So in future when there is some epic battles, might be "Part I".

    This patticular story took something like 9 hours to write across 3 days. July the 7th was my longest day, finished at 3:30 am on the 8th :)

    anwyay if you read them, rate them so I feel better.

    Thanks for reading.

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  • Typh747

    Changed the layout

    June 30, 2010 by Typh747

    Well mysteriously I had problems adding to my long post.

    Tavis couldnt find anything wrong with adding to it, but he sugggest the new format that I have changed it to, to make it easier to edit.

    So I have done a new article for a new journal, and at bottom of every jounral is links to the next story and back to table of contents, which is the old Rig's Jorunal page.

    one thing that needs to be done, if tavis is reading, only admins can change the name of posts, I was wondering could you edit "Riggs journal 2" to the title of alice had it easy, then I will change the URL for the previous page to link it to the new title.

    Lots of work done, Having a berak now for wow:P

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  • Typh747

    text not updating

    June 30, 2010 by Typh747
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  • Typh747


    June 27, 2010 by Typh747

    Finally got my edge I wanted.

    Champion gives me and extra 2 dmg and 2 toughness against supernatural monsters. Most of the baddies except cabal members will subject to this, I even get the toughness against magic.

    So with champion, berzerk, wild attack, they have 1 weapon, this gives me 2+2+2+1 = 7 so depending on the mobs parry, I can get a raise most times.

    My toughness now, without armour will be (when berzerk) 11.

    Further changes to come will be, iron jaw, soak roll. But at the moment, Rigg needs to go to the looney bin:P and gain some reason back, because with 1 wound modifiers, 2 fatigue i was rolling shaken d8 - 6, intimidation, d6 -6, guts d6 -6.

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  • Typh747

    Origin or Rig

    June 21, 2010 by Typh747

    Well, at first I had been playing assasssins creed, originally going for a sort of Altair dodge and hit sort of action. But hes really the wrong period for the Victorian England.

    Plus I would have to take the Outside hindrance, complicating matters. So around that time, the only person who would dodge weave would be a theif so i went for a person such as Skinner from the League but this character was too flimsy for me to play, besides I was after a nitty gritty fighter in the middle of it all but I like the mannerisms of Skiner and his accent.

    So the Gm advised me that boxers or pugilists, so I started to design in my head the face and attriubtes (not game ones) to fit the shadow and voice of Skinner.

    Another thing was my previous characters …

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  • Typh747

    20th June

    June 21, 2010 by Typh747

    Last session I got HTK (hard to kill) or as i called it TPK, (total party kill) :(

    Hard to kill enables me to roll on the Incap table with no woumd modifiers.

    So a roll of 8+ would be a raise for my chacracter, but because I have 3 wounds it would just be a pass of 5, which my character's profile is all about getting in there and beating things up, faster than i collapse. Because of this Rig has caused himself a large quantity of wounds/disabilites, so far one eye damaged, a twitch and lots of psychological damage.

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