A backpack mounted fuel reserve, coupled with a hand-held pumping device that utilises a flint and steel to create a spark that ignites the fuel as it is sprayed towards the enemy engulfing them in flames!

Range: Cone Damage: 2d10 RoF: 1 Weight: 15
Shots: 30 Min Str: d6 Notes: Ignores Armour, Burns.

Alternate Mode

Range: 5/10/20 Damage 2d10 RoF:1 Med Burst

Cost to Build: £200

When Firing the Flamethrower, place the cone template and make a shooting roll at +2. Any target under the template must then make an agility roll with a target number equal to the shooting roll. If they succeed they move to the edge of the template and are unharmed, if they fail, they take damage.

Any target hit will also be set on fire on a d6 roll of 6 (suffering 2d6 damage each round until the fire is put out).

If a 1 is rolled on the shooting die, the flamethrower has backed up and the fuel tank explodes doing 4d10 damage in a large burst template centered on the user.

With a Successful Wierd Science roll the Flamethrower can be put into an alternative 'arc fire' mode. A jet of burning fuel is shot in an arc in the air and lands some distance away, setting things on fire. Firing in this manner uses up two 'shots' worth of fuel.