Camilla and CarstairsEdit

Spend much of the month investigating what they can about Atlantis in the hopes of being able to translate the Pillar. At first the evidence all appears apocryphal, but armed with the existance of the Pillar and the truth that it represents they press onwards. Much compelling evidence for the existence of a great civilisation does exist - though it's exact location cannot be divined from their researches. Their conclusion is that the legends are, at least partially, correct. Atlantis has been buried beneath the seas, and as such will be difficult to locate. Or alternatively, it was always beneath the sea to begin with ...


The aged chinaman spends much of the month investigating the provenance of his new flute. He confirms that the sounds the flute can make are anathema to demons and those with a deamonic taint, but no specifics that will help him use the instrument.

Sir Robert and JonesEdit

Travel to Cornwall, where Sir Robert purchases a house in the Town of Fowey, setting it up as a small hotel, that might be used by Junior Rippers when on assignment to Cornwall, the county being surrounded by coast, and the Southend Lodge being responsible for the entire coast of England.


Puts all of his efforts into discovering what he can about "Prince Dakkar" or "Captain Nemo" - the moniker under which he operated. He hopes to find information about the man that might lead to useful submarine transportation.

He discovers that the last documented location of Dakkar is Lincoln Island, near New Zealand


Undergoes Psychoanalysis, in order to restore her shattered mind.

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