Wednesday 1st - Friday 17th August, 1894Edit

Rest and recuperate in Prometheus' compound. All the while the Beast-Men are becoming more 'bestial' in their villages outside. Belladonna recovers some new Rippertech implants by reading through Prometheus' notes.

One of these implants is a Gill Implant that would only be useable on a creature the size of a Whale! Quite what this would be for is unknown, but it is apparent that a working implant was shipped to Iceland several months ago.

Saturday 18th August, 1894Edit

With all of the Rippers healed, it is decided to leave the island to the Beast-Men and not return. They set sail for England.

Monday 20th August, 1894Edit

They arrive in Rio de Janeiro, where Belladonna sells the Omega on the black market. She also arranges rooms for the Rippers. As Sir Robert is 'on a cruise' as far as society is concerned, she arranges cheap rooms for him as well. Unfortunately he is spotted by an old school chum who now works for the foreign service, and is invited to a ball. He sends a messenger to Belladonna and the others to appraise them of the situation, and advise that they will need to stay in Rio until the ball has happened as he dare not refuse.

Friday 24th August, 1894Edit

Sir Robert attends his ball, and rumours are rife about the woman in rooms by the docks with whom he is conversing by note. Also, as Sir Robert has been 'out of society' on his cruise for some time, there is talk that his father's company is in trouble and he has been sent to South America in order to stir up political troubles that could lead to lucrative transporting of arms by his father's company.

He has a quiet word with the friend who invited him, intimating that certain details of his school days might become public if the conversations about Sir Robert were to continue uncontested at this point. Unsurprisingly the Foreign Office soon say that Sir Robert has been assisting them in trying to calm down the saber rattling that is currently occuring in South America, and the woman with whom he is conversing is a special operative and very 'hush hush'.

Monday 27th August - Friday 31st August, 1894Edit

They take a ship to Panama, the captain is a pirate and attempts to force himself on Belladonna, make a slave of Jones, ostracise Cheng-Lou and blackmail Sir Robert. Fortunately once they have docked they are able to get one over on him, and he is taken away by the authorities.

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