Sunday 8th July, 1894Edit

After a long journey and many discussions with the Ape-Men about the situation on the Island where Dr. Prometheus resides, the Rippers arrive at the island somewhere off the coast of Brazil. To avoid being spotted at the docks, the RIppers are dropped off at a different bay and make their way through the jungle to meet the Ape-Men at their village.

En route Sir Robert is bitten by a spider and Belladonna is forced to suck out the poison. That night they are given huts in which to rest in the Ape-Man village.

Monday 9th July, 1894Edit

Piranha-Man VillageEdit

Cheng-Lou and Carl head to the Piranha-Man village where they are challenged to defeat the strongest of them in single combat, in return, earning the aid of the Piranha-Men in fighting against Dr. Prometheus.

Dog-Man VillageEdit

Sir Robert and Garvin visit the Dog-Men, with Sir Robert's pet Dogs in tow. They get off on completely the wrong foot, and suggest that 'The Master' (Prometheus) is dead - the dogs wish to go and confirm this, and the Rippers are trapped in their own lie. Garvin escapes, but Sir Robert is not so lucky. Fortunately Garvin is able to rescue him, but one of Sir Robert's dogs is lost, nonetheless.

Pig-Man VillageEdit

Belladonna and Tim begin by trying to flatter the Pig-Men, but they are unimpressed, and believe that it will take more than these two 'interlopers' to defeat the Master. They knock the Rippers out and start to take them to Prometheus' compound, in the hopes of trading them for some kind of boon.

Tim breaks free of his bonds as they travel through the jungle, and knocks out his captors. He and Bella return to the Pig-Man village with the unconcious Pig-Men. Using their new 'leverage' they browbeat the Pig-Men into joining them.

Wednesday 11th July, 1894Edit

The Rippers reconvene aboard ship, with the Beast-Man leaders and come up with a plan of attack. They wish to rest first, however, so that Sir Robert and Belladonna can recover the wounds he recieved fighting the Dog-Men and Pig-Men respectively.

Sunday 22nd July, 1894Edit

The Battle for Prometheus Compound. Jones, using Belladonna's invisibility belt and his magic shoes leaps the compound wall and opens the gates from within, signalling the attack. Belladonna and Sir Robert, using Opium to deaden their wounds and Cocaine to heighten their senses, lead the Beast-Men to a tough victory. Prometheus himself is found cowering in his home, and offers to give up the Atlantean Pillar, in exchange for his release. He is let go, but is torn apart by his Beast-Men creations.

Over the Remainder of the month the Rippers rest and recover from their injuries whilst searching Prometheus' labs for anything useful. The Pillar of Atlantis, however, is not here.

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