Thursday 1st June, 1893Edit

The lodge members, with the exception of the Reverend, return to England, while the Reverand makes a trip to Paris.

Monday 5th June and onwards, 1893Edit

Arrive back in Southend.

Mrs. MacTannon and Garvin spend the rest of the month in psychoanalysis with Dr. Chase. to help them face the nightmares and fears that have afflicted them as a result of their time with the Rippers.

Garvin also spends some time with his Irregulars, comforting those that were attacked last month. Hearing from the boys tales of a Three Masted ship, shrouded in mist sailing the coast while he was away, he ensures that a group of Rippers go to investigate this month.

Belladonna travels to the London Lodge to have Rippertech of her own invention implanted. One of the best Surgeons in England performs on her, in the best-equipped lab in the land. After her surgery she becomes withdrawn and is unhappy with the results of the surgery.

Rig locks himself in the Training room for much of the month and manages to damage a great deal of equipment.

Carstairs is put in charge of taking back the night, and hearing the story of how the young boys were attacked last month, ensures that a large band head to deal with Dr. Primordius. He also has the funeral of Dr. Emil White to deal with, and his estate to manage. As he goes through some of Dr. White's old papers, he finds an interesting map of the Saqqara Necropolis.

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