Friday 1st March, 1895Edit

Bella performs surgery on Camilla, implanting her with Muscle Weaving.

Saturday 2nd March, 1895Edit

Bella continues with surgery on Camilla, implanting a Retinal Graft.

Sunday 3rd March, 1895Edit

The Lodge set off for Iceland.

Saturday 17th March, 1895Edit

Arrive at the snæfellsjökull glacier, and begin their descent into the crater that Lindenbocker identified. Garvin slips and falls to his death. A cairn is built at the bottom of the crater to hold his remains.

Thursday 21st March, 1895Edit

After several days in the caverns beneath the glacier, the group discover an inhabited area, containing the remains of several experiments. In one of the chambers they find Dr. Frankenstein, literally chained to a desk. It also appears that he has been killed and stitched back together in the manner of his own creature.

He offers to give the Rippers the location of the Pillar of Atlantis in return for his being killed and his body destroyed as he does not want to continue his existence as a slave to his former creation.

He is killed and his lab set alight, in order to burn the remains and stop any future re-animation.

Saturday 23rd March, 1895Edit

Already knowing the layout of the tunnels, it takes less time to return to the crater, and the ascent begins, Sir Robert taking the lead. As he reaches the ledge half way up the crater two patchwork creatures, part dinosaur, part ape begin to rain boulders down upon the climbers.

Fortunately at that moment, James Donnelly arrives with a small expedition to scout out the crater for a possible future and fends off the creatures giving the Rippers time to make it to the top of the crater and finish off the beasts.

Heading to the location given to them by Frankenstein they find that 'The Creature' is already there - fortunately it does not appear to be spoiling for a fight, and it gains the Rippers agreement that they will leave and never return after they have recovered the artefact they're looking for.

Not only is the Pillar of Atlantis recovered, but Cheng-Lou finds a flute made from a human thighbone, and Jones another artefact that he pockets.

Steffan attempts to decipher the Pillar using the notes from Renfield's diary, but only succeeds in causing himself some mental distress.

Sunday 24th March to Saturday 30th March, 1895Edit

The journey back to England is somewhat eventful. Camilla finds an antique mirror in which it is possible to see the reflections of invisible creatures. This is highly useful as Steffan encounters a Cabal Operative, known as "Jack Frost" who is on board their ship, accompanied by a number of invisible men. The Cabal are dispatched, but "Jack Frost" is nowhere to be found.

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