Wednesday 1st May, 1895Edit

The Reverend transfers to the Kirton Lodge to oversee operations there personally.

Thursday 2nd May, 1895Edit

Stefan persuades Challenger that it would be a good idea for him to assist the burly scientist in the creation of several suits that Stefan Calls Steam Compressed Underwater Breathing Appliances, or SCUBA for short. Over the course of the month they make four such appliances.

Monday 6th - Wednesday 15th May, 1895Edit

Having completed her course of psychoanalysis, Belladona throws herself into research, creating an implant that will allow a person to climb walls, almost as if a Spider.

Friday 17th - Tuesday 21st May, 1895Edit

Belladonna performs a great deal of surgery in the Ripper Lab. First Stefan recieves a Spider Climb Implant, then Camilla recieves both Cold Blood and Gills. Finally, Belladona, in preperation for the upcoming expected underwater adventuring creates 4 doses of Gill Extract.

Thursday 23rd May, 1895Edit

There is a knock at the door, and a man forces his way into the secret part of the Lodge, demanding to see Doctor House. When Belladonna is summoned, she takes one look at the fellow and faints!

Mr Garvin has returned, apparently alive, if somewhat confused.

It is soon discovered that Garvin is a Construct, in the same manner as Frankenstein's Monster.

Friday 24th May onwards into JuneEdit

Mr. Garvin undergoes several tests in order to make certain that he is, indeed, Mr. Garvin, although somewhat altered by ... the different coloured body parts that he has now acquired.

It is discovered that he no longer 'heals' naturally, rather requiring damaged parts to be stitched back into place, or, Belladonna surmises, replaced should the damage prove too severe.

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