Thursday November 1st, 1893Edit

The events at the wedding are explained away to the police, and Garvin attempts to recruit Terrence Wilkins, who proved no slouch with a weapon when the servants and scarecrows attacked.

Friday November 2nd - Saturday November 11th, 1893Edit

Sir Robert meets with Terrence Wilkins and recruits him properly, inducting him as a member of the lodge. Garvin and Mrs MacTannon rest and recover from their wounds. Belladonna performs surgery on Timothy Simms, giving him a Retinal Graft.

Sunday November 12th, 1893Edit

It is Rig's birthday. He is gifted with some Silver inlaid knuckle dusters from Sir Robert, several Rippertech extracts from Belladonna and a bottle glass of whisky from Mrs MacTannon.

Monday November 13th - Saturday November 18th, 1893Edit

More recovery and resting.

Sunday November 19th, 1893Edit

Preperations are made to travel to Jersey.

Monday November 20th, 1893Edit

Arrive on Jersey. Sir Robert purchases a house, which gives the group a place to stay and a cover for being on the island.

Tuesday November 20th - Sunday 25th November, 1893Edit

Research into local myths and legends brings up much information about fairy folk and their links to standing stones on the island. The Mansion believed to be the 'lair' of the vampire is staked out, but nothing can be found other than that supplies arrive by boat once per month and little is bought on the island itself.

Sir Robert gives a party for the landed and wealthy of St. Helier, and as a result gains an invitation for himself and a guest to dinner at the 'Vampire's' mansion. He accepts on behalf of himself, Belladonna, Garvin and Carmen (who has been posing with Garvin as his newlywed bride)

Taking Sunday lunch with the 'Comte du Lacra' Garvin comes to the conclusion that there is no Vampire on the island, just a strange, reclusive man. The rest of the lodge are not as convinced.

Monday 26th November, 1893Edit

A Ship called the Maria arrives at St. Helier and the mansion is emptied into it. A small bribe discovers that the ships registered destination is New York.

Thursday 30th November, 1893Edit

The group returns to Southend.

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