Thursday 1st November, 1894Edit

In Russia, Tsar Nicholas II ascends to the throne.

Friday 2nd November, 1894Edit

Sir Robert undergoes surgery to implant Felicitas Populi. The Implant is successful.

Saturday 3rd November, 1894Edit

Belladonna undergoes surgery to implant Bone Stiffening. Dr. Gregory Magnus of the London Lodge provided his hand at implanting. The Surgery is a success.

Sunday 4th November, 1894Edit

Jones arrives at Sir Robert's stables, intent on proving that he is no longer scared of horses, and works for a time as a Stable Boy.

Monday 5th November, 1894Edit

Cheng-Lou visits the Tea House owned by Lou-Kang, in Southend. A group of Orientals identified as 'The Black Dragon' enter, wreck the tea-house and take protection money from Lou-Kang.

Monday 12th November, 1894Edit

Lou-Kang has paid no more money to 'The Black Dragon' at Cheng-Lou's suggestion. His Tea House is burnt down. While consoling him on his loss, Cheng-Lou manages to recruit Lou-Kang to join the Rippers.

Sunday 18th November, 1894Edit

With Sir Robert and Belladonna recovered from their surgeries the lodge prepare to travel to Berlin in the hopes of meeting with Professor Lindenbocker.

Monday 19th November, 1894Edit

The Lodge are accosted by members of 'The Black Dragon' while waiting at the docks for their ship, which has been delayed. They soon see them off.

Monday 26th November - Friday 30th November, 1894Edit

The Lodge group arrive in Berlin and begin to search for Lindenbocker. A lack of knowledge of the German Language proves to be somewhat of a barrier so they contact the Berlin Lodge to arrange for a translator. Once this is done it is a relatively easy task to find and interview Lindenbocker. He is quite happy to give them directions to the route he took to the 'hollow earth', and reccomends that any expedition wishing to follow in his footsteps should take electric lights and LOTS of rope.

Having completed their tasks in Berlin, it is decided that the next stop should be castle Frankenstein, in order to search for any other clues that might remain there, and to see if the rumour of Paracelcus' cure for Lycanthropy really does exist.

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