Monday 1st October, 1894Edit

The Rippers return to Southend-On-Sea

Tuesday 2nd - Wednesday 31st October, 1894Edit

Belladonna locks herself in the lab and begins making corpse dust from the undead remains that the rippers in the lodge have brought in, then she turns to the care of Jones who has been suffering from nightmares, hearing the sound of galloping hooves, ever since seeing the horseman decapitate the old man.

Jones spends his time with Belladonna.

Sir Robert purchases a stables and spends time there.

Cheng-Lou and Garvin put in a great deal of research into Frankenstein, and discover that he did, indeed, die as was reported, his body lost to the arctic wastes. There are notes about Paracelcus having found a cure to lycanthropy, that may rest in castle Frankenstein, however!

Moving on to research about Iceland, where the enormous gill-implant was sent from Dr. Prometheus, some interesting information is discovered. Strange lights have been seen over the Snæfellsjökul glacier, a location that an aged professor named lindenbocker once claimed contained tunnels that lead to an underground world filled with prehistoric creatures.

The Professor's current location is somewhere in Berlin.

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