Jiang Shi
Said to be created when a person's soul cannot leave their body, either because they refuse to do so in order to cause trouble or have been trapped by an improper death, suicide, or the influence of an evil sorceror.

The cannot walk, as their undead state causes their legs to enter a state of Rigor Mortis, so they move about in a series of hopping jumps, hence their nickname of "Hopping Vampires".

One has been encountered in the Limehouse district of London. As of April 1893 it has caused the death's of no less than Three Rippers!

The following are known weaknesses of a Jiang Shi

  • They are afraid of nuòmǐ. Apparently nuòmǐ, in large enough quantities can draw the spirit out of the body, leaving it inert.
  • A Spell, pinned to the Vampires head will render it immobile. The Spell must be written in Chicken Blood on Yellow Rice Paper by a Sorceror who slew the Chicken themselves on the night of the new moon. The correct spells are a closely guarded secret amongst Chinese Sorcerors.
  • They can be fended off with a Ba-qua mirror, an 8-sided mirror often used in Feng Shui. It is used to reflect light on their faces, causing them to be disoriented, and in some cases, to retreat.
  • They can be slain either by impaling their head on a spear, or with a sword made of lucky Chinese coins. This sword must first be charged, which is done by placing it in the light of a full moon.

"The Chinese talked at the docks about these strange creatures, I always thought they were just stories,
I might be able to get the stuff we need to kill them, or find whereabouts there is a person who can." - Rigg

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