The Lodge is founded, after the vampire coven formed by the children of the village is destroyed.


Mission 1: Cleansing the NestEdit

Hamish scours the area around Kirton to ensure that the vampire nest has been completely destroyed. He discovers that the original Vampire is still alive, but is sickly and easily dispatched. In doing so he enounters Mollie Barnes, a pig-farmer's wife who joins the Lodge,

The Mission is a Triumph!

Final Cabal Threat: 5Edit


Mission 1: The Lay of the LandEdit

Hamish travels the area around Kirton in search of any other Cabal influence that might be affecting Kirton.

One evening he sets out to investigate the appearance of several circles of large stones in the farmland around Kirton and never returns.

The Mission is a Disaster! Hamish is slain and the lodge loses influence.

Final Cabal Threat: 6Edit

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