Mission One: The Ripper who came in from the ColdEdit

The Kirton Lodge do their best to stave off the advances of the Cabal in the frozen winter, but are not up to the task, Joseph Wilson dies from exposure.

The Mission is a Failure

Final Cabal Threat: 5Edit


Mission One: Recruiting New FacesEdit

Help comes from the Southend Lodge to recruit new members for Kirton, but it seems there are none to be found.

The Mission is a Failure

Mission Two: To Slay a ZombieEdit

A group on loan from Southend are sent out to the Zombie farm in order to 'cull the herd' - Several of the undead beasts are destroyed.

The Mission is a Success

Mission Three: The Lay of the LandEdit

A second group on loan from Southend are sent to find out how the cold has changed the supernatural climate in the Kirton Lodges area of operations.

The Mission is a Success

Final Cabal Threat: 4Edit


Mission One: Culling ZomibiesEdit

Once more a cull at the Zombie Farm is arranged. This time, Rev. Hyatt from the Southend Lodge comes along to lend some Holy might. Another group of Zombies are dispatched, but it seems that the number of walking corpses remains undiminished.

The Mission is a Success.

Mission Two: RecruitmentEdit

Once more the Southend Lodge provides personell to enable further recruitment. On this occasion the mission is a success, and Mrs. Miggins is recruited.

The Mission is a Success

Final Cabal Threat: 3Edit

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