Mission One: Recruitment DriveEdit

A group of Heroic Rippers, led by Carstairs, are sent to Kirton from Southend in the hops that the fledgling lodges personnel problems can finally be solved. They are able to recruit two new Novices, Fred Longbottom (a steeplejack) and Sarah Entwhistle (an elderly 'wise woman')

The Mission is a Success.

Final Cabal Threat: 6Edit


Mission One: Research FirstEdit

Sarah, Fred and Anita investigate the background of the Sorcerous group in the area around Kirton. Their investigations begin to piece together information tracing the group back to early Britain and a band that were run out by the Druids for their worship of Dark Forces and trucking with 'beasts of the night'.

The Mission is a Success.

Final Cabal Threat: 5Edit


Mission One: Too Cold to FightEdit

With the worst winter in living memory battering England, the Kirton Lodge continue with their research in the hopes of finding something that might help them against the sorcerors. A local legend regarding a hill carving that was said to have been in the area spoke of a giant that once drove 'all evil from the land'. If that giant could be found and woken, then perhaps it would finish off the problem of the sorcerors.

The Mission is a Success.

Final Cabal Threat: 4Edit

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