Mission One: Members PriviledgeEdit

A group of Seasoned Rippers are sent to infiltrate a gentleman's club in which the Man in the Red Sash has been holding meetings. Posing as prospective employees they attempt to put themselves in a position to overhear sensitive conversations. Unfortunately they are unable to procure positions that will give them the opportunity to learn anything of use.

The Mission is a Failure

Final Cabal Threat: 14Edit


Mission One: Spare PartsEdit

The General, Wilkes and Charlie go hunting ghouls in order to provide the Ripper Lab with enough undead corpses to manufacture new corpse dust, rapidly being seen as an essential tool in the fight against the Cabal. They find a small coven of Ghouls and are able to defeat them easily.

The Mission is a Success.

Mission Two: More Spare PartsEdit

Whitby, Elmore and Cameron perform a similar mission to the other three Veterans. They are also successful in finding undead parts for the use in Rippertech. Their find, however, is a little strange. An area of Farmland that appears to be being worked by Zombies under the control of a necromantic farmer. They are run off by Zombified Dogs, but later slay the canine corpses and take them back to the lodge.

The Mission is a Success.

Mission Three: Looking for 'The Little People'Edit

Carstairs, Oakely, Jeffry, Hobson and Albert, using the maps provided by Carstairs, try to hunt down some 'little people', hoping to harvest their parts for more of Belladonna's 'Luck Serum'. While they are unable to find any little people to 'take with them' they are successful in gaining the limited friendship of Oberon, King of the Faeries.

The Mission is a Success.

Final Cabal Threat: 11Edit


Mission One: Re-Animate FarmEdit

The General, Wilkes and Charlie are sent to further investigate the necromantic farmer. It would appear that the farm is working as normal, and is rather productive, though all the farm hands are undead! While they are watching over the farms operations, they spy the Man in the Red Sash ... taking this knowledge with them, they retreat back to the lodge to decide what action needs to be taken next.

The Mission is a Success.

Mission Two: For Faerie, Queen and Country.Edit

Whitby, Elmore and Cameron perform a mission on the behalf of Oberon, King of the Faeries. There are a band of 'dwarf-men' that are impinging on the Faerie court, and as they are just what the Rippers are looking for a mutual arrangement is come to. Unfortunately for the Rippers the dwarf-men prove more than a match for them and none of those sent on the mission return.

The Mission is a Catastrophe! News of the mission reaches other lodges who feel the Southend Lodge should not have dealt with the Faeries. The Lodge loses 1 Influence.

Final Cabal Threat: 12Edit

The Mission is a Success.

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