Garvin and me head to visit Lord Wicks because we think he needs to cough up. Garvin asks me to 'hang around outside on watch' and I stupidily agreed. This turned out to be the most stupidest thing I have ever done. There is a protest occuring in the street, but I keep clean and stay away. However, the lights go out.

I awoke feeling rather groggy, more than usual when hit on the head.

I remember muffled voices talking and being moved lots to finally be dumped on a cart.

Garvin hovvers his head over me, as I am wheeled to the lodge, where I sleep off the drugs and the headache untill the evening.

Garvin catches me up, on what was said about a fight at tiger docks. So we needed to know more. Garvin thought that my mate Mr Green would know something because he had an identical ring to the policeman that Garvin spoke to, the one that was about to ship me off to the ring as meat. He also pissed on me the bastard, bent coppers for you.

Words with GreenEdit

We needed to find out where these bodies were going to from the fights, the people that lose or can not make a quick recovery, our rippers have found out, were wheeled off to some location, which was referenced as "Seeing the Doctor."

We enter Mr Green's office once more, to ask him about filling in some blanks with regards to "Seeing the Doctor" and the location to which the bodies are taken near the Tiger Docks.

As ever when getting information, there is some ... resistance. This all started when I was hit in the chest by what felt like a tree trunk, but actually sounded like a shotgun. The sneaky bastard must have kept it under the desk or something. When the whole thing is calmed down and i got my revenege for the shotgun stunt, we found out from him that the bodies are taken into an old sewer outlet near the Tiger Docks, between Piers 7 and 9 and kind enough to give us directions to find a underground door . Smiling and saying our goodbyes we meet the rest of the lodge at the station, makign sure to celan myself up before the Reverend starts askign questions. Apparently Bobby was entertaining guests when they called for him. They told a ripper lookign after thing at the lodge to pass the message to meet us at the sewers.

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