One of the Cottingley Girls' Photographs

Having read an article in "The Strand" that showed photographs claimed to be of Fairies interacting with a young girl, Carstairs took it upon himself to investigate the validity of these pictures.

Tracking the girl and her sister down to a village in West Yorkshire, he followed them as they went to meet with 'It' their invisible friend, and various faries and gnomes that the girls claimed were 'It's' friends.

Concealing himself in the undergrowth he witnessed the girls playing with the invisible 'It' and the other creatures, before being taken back to the faries 'grotto' for tea. Following, Carstairs discovered that the 'tea' that the girls saw as a typical spread was, in fact, raw human flesh!

He interceded at this point and saved the girls from eating human flesh, then destroyed the 'grotto'. Whilst doing so he came accross letters between 'It' and Dr. Jekyll, pledgind the aid of the Little People to the cause of the Cabal. Also in the grotto were various maps showing the locations of other such Little People colonies. The maps lack any definite points of reference - while rivers, mountains, roads and even habitations are shown, none are labelled or referenced in any meaningful way. Carstairs has taken it upon himself to research these maps and discover the areas to which they allude, so that these colonies may be tracked down and dealt with.

Research StatusEdit

So far Carstairs has identified the following areas containing or having contained, a Little People colony

  • Near Cottingley, West Yorkshire.
  • Near the Village of Pendle, in Lancashire.
  • In the forest around the town of Nagykovacsi, near Budapest.
  • On Glen Island, New York.
  • Near Alexandria, Egypt.
  • In the Hills outside of the town of Brasov, Romania.
  • In Alexandra Park, London.
  • Near Ayers Rock, Australia.

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