The Villagers of Rottingdean were roused to battle due to the timely playing of adventure cards this week - the 'Angry Mob' Card, which was then repeated with the 'Lets do that again' Card.

I ruled that a few more than the 16 extras which should have been available turned up ... more like 64 (8x8 ... fancy that) ... a rallying cry to the whole village to stand against the fishmen that had taken their children. This led to a mass battle in the caves beneath Rottingdean, which was only barely won by the Rippers - perhaps due to the two Rippers that led the battle not actually having the Knowledge (Battle) skill ... but cunning plans and the element of surprise, along with individual actions of the Wild Cards helped to turn the day.

After much rest and recuperation (and surgery! Sir Robert was taken out by damage from one of the Mass Battle results, and suffered the loss of an eye - just as well the lodge upgraded to get an Operating Theatre last session!) it was decided that it was about time the lodge checked in on the varied benefactors it has, and some other 'friends' that might become benefactors. So a party was arranged for the final Monday of the month of May (which won't be a Bank Holiday until the 1970's ... for those that are interested) to include an auction of Egyptian artefacts and crafts made by the children of the Archway House.

This was my first chance to use the 'Social Adventure Generator' rules from the Rippers book. I decided to give each character an 'event' and then roll for a 'special event' as well - it was remarkably easy to work up 'on the fly' as it happens.

It was somewhat of a shock that for their first ever event they had Royalty turn up! I ruled this as being a certain Ripper (Albion, the pre-gen) arriving, along with his Father (who is the Prince of Wales) which caused no end of a stir, but certainly made for a memorable part of the session.

Looking forward to the next session where I'm expecting the Rippers to start to research possible locations for Frankenstein or Dr. Prometheus. We shall see which one they go for first...

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