With Rig having suffered his first bout of Ripping Psychosis, thanks to an Adventure Card used by Bill (The Player of Robert Carstairs) he recieved a letter from Brother John Melmoth (Google Melmoth the Wanderer for info about where he 'came from'), who he visited and was offered Immortality (and the inability to die ...) and Sorcerous Power, in return for his Soul ...

The rest of the group that were with him were shocked an appauled at the offer - but at least no-one made the mistake of physically attacking Melmoth...

Rig didn't take Melmoth up on the offer that Saturday night - but as the group were remaining in Prague (where they had gone to meet Melmouth) for another night, he returned the next night ... and ACCEPTED!

Dan, Rig's player, wasn't terribly happy when he discovered that the daemonic power came with some downsides - including the inability to use bennies or adventure cards from that point onwards ... But then, he HAD just sold his soul to the Devil!

It's also opened up a can of worms for our resident installer of Rippertech, as Belladonna is having a crisis of faith ... that it is she who has caused Rig to become so damned ... and may also have damned others that have had Rippertech implants. Research into Van Helsing's notes on Rippertech have allayed her fears somewhat, in that the science itself is not 'evil' but can tempt a soul ... so she has resolved to put each potential recipient of Rippertech through a psychological review before allowing the implant to go ahead.

Tavis Hill 22:46, August 22, 2010 (UTC)

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