Last night's game took some of the Rippers into Neverwhere's London Below.

They met Mr. Croup and Mr. Vandemar and The Marquis de Carabas amongst others.

I think that Neverwhere fits rather well with the Rippers ... giving an 'other place' that is just one step further away from reality than the Rippers are used to dealing with, but which has certain overlaps with the world that they are used to dealing with. And Islington could still appear later, in one guise or another ...

And Belladonna gave Rig some more Rippertech - replacing the Croupier's Fingers that he had implanted. The loss of the initiative boost was lamented - but the fortunate removal of the gambling habit side effect was eagerly accepted. It is unfortunate that Belladonna's surgical skill left her at that moment (and she ran out of bennies) as she only managed a success in the implanting of the Moon Claws, and so they can only be created under moonlight. Explaining this took many references to Pirates of the Carribean.

Garvin also succumbed to the desire for the abilities that only Rippertech can provide, and so he is now equipped with retinal grafts, allowing him to see clearly, regardless of the level of light - the ability to see in pitch darkness will only make the sneaky thief more deadly, that's for sure!

But what will fate bring our heroes next?

I'm hoping that we'll have Carstairs around for the next session, as the next adventure I have planned is rather keyed to the current in-game date, and requires his prescence ... so we shall see!

Tavis Hill 18:30, September 19, 2010 (UTC)

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