Dealt with the Strategic Missions for the time most of the Rippers leadership were 'away in Antarctica' with Matt last night over Facebook. It went well from a 'running things' point of view - and even if Matt has to stay away for a while due to work, I think it would prove a good way to keep him 'involved' in what's going on. I'll probably throw a couple of XP his way for it too, as there was some Roleplaying and more than a few good ideas involved on his part.

It's just a shame that so many of the NPC's managed to die during his time in charge. Surely it proves that he is, indeed, a Cabal magnet, and that the forces are arrayed against him with far greater fervour than the rest of the merry band!

Did all the write ups this morning - Quite a lot to do, and a few new pages to make - but I like the outcome.

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