• Typh747

    Night fight

    August 28, 2010 by Typh747

    just finished another post, so we're in fact on way for 1:1 catch up YAY!

    its been a strange journey writing myfingers to the bone Rippertech pls Doc, but I ahve just finsihed, believe it or not, two stories being merged together.

    Making it into a decent length.

    So going for:


    Scotland 2


    Artic Trip

    Tarnished Goods

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  • Typh747

    I was given the option of:

    immortality & demonic powers

    in exchange for for my soul.

    I took the decision that this was the best gamble rigg would ever have, at the cost as well, of no bennies and no card plays.

    Looking at the spells, to be honest I was initially dissappointed with at what i had got, but the first spell that gives Rigg much more damage which I know, he would ahve loved.

    This also looks like the only way to maximise this, is to get more crzy, more reason loss, to give pluses to his "Demonic Pact" skill roll.

    So more Rippertech will be needed. This does make a huge problem for shaken now, since I can not recover very eaily nor can I use bennies to unshake.

    We shall see how this unfolds in later adventures.

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  • Typh747

    Epic one - AWAY

    August 12, 2010 by Typh747

    Fionished the first of the five epic missions the lodge has done.

    For thos who wonder what are the epic ones:

    Scotland - archie

    Scotland - Baphemet (i can never spell it) demon

    Devon - coterill

    Circus in brasov


    So anyway, one down 4 to go :)

    Im still going to be drawing a picture for Archie in wolf form,. but that can wait, i have the vanhelsing one for a while.

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  • Typh747

    Ripping psychosis

    August 8, 2010 by Typh747

    So today Carsteirs played ripping psychosis, because I was unconscious and we all wanted to see what it was like.

    So i rolled and got temporary psychosis, which you have to wait for a joker for, it was a shame that my action card then was a joker, and it didnt count.

    So I had to attack the nearest target, so both a mook and Doc were 3 spaces away, so I had to do a d6 roll off. even were the mook, odd meant I would hit Doc. I rolled a six :) Lucky Doc.

    So I was pummeling a mob, ripped its jaw off, meanwhile the group worked out the rest of the big bad guys.

    Another mbo appeared next to me, which poisoned me, which AGAIN made me unconscious.

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  • Typh747

    Rigg an NPC. Awesome

    August 6, 2010 by Typh747

    SO I recieve this email from Wretch on great white games forum:

    Hi Granthar,
    I have just been chatting with Tavis about your Ripper Tales campaign and Wiki. I was complimenting him on some of the content, specifically the journals of some of the players, and he mentioned that you were playing Rig. So I just wanted to drop you a quick hello to compliment you as I thought it was a great read!
    Im definitely going to be encouraging my players to follow your lead, and if you dont object I may even have Rig appear as an NPC in my campaign.

    I was speechless for quite a bit, had to get bex over to read for herself, she was happy for me, even saying "Go on you know you want to jump up and down in excitement" lots of willpower was used trus…

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