Finally got my edge I wanted.

Champion gives me and extra 2 dmg and 2 toughness against supernatural monsters. Most of the baddies except cabal members will subject to this, I even get the toughness against magic.

So with champion, berzerk, wild attack, they have 1 weapon, this gives me 2+2+2+1 = 7 so depending on the mobs parry, I can get a raise most times.

My toughness now, without armour will be (when berzerk) 11.

Further changes to come will be, iron jaw, soak roll. But at the moment, Rigg needs to go to the looney bin:P and gain some reason back, because with 1 wound modifiers, 2 fatigue i was rolling shaken d8 - 6, intimidation, d6 -6, guts d6 -6.

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