SO I recieve this email from Wretch on great white games forum:

Hi Granthar,
I have just been chatting with Tavis about your Ripper Tales campaign and Wiki. I was complimenting him on some of the content, specifically the journals of some of the players, and he mentioned that you were playing Rig. So I just wanted to drop you a quick hello to compliment you as I thought it was a great read!
Im definitely going to be encouraging my players to follow your lead, and if you dont object I may even have Rig appear as an NPC in my campaign.

I was speechless for quite a bit, had to get bex over to read for herself, she was happy for me, even saying "Go on you know you want to jump up and down in excitement" lots of willpower was used trust me.

But what a great honor, thank you very much Wretch for senidng this email, if you are reading this, and also thankyou for giving me feedback on Rigg's journals.

Inspires to write more. Anyway on with the Archie fight.

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