So. There I was, having much difficulty vs the werewolf, adding the pluses from champion, followed by knucks,slugger. Penalties with offhand, wild attack, head/limb shot. then he wasnt a wolf!!! So irratating, and I was praying I didnt go berserk, because we wanted this guy alive, then ofcourse, wolf out, hulk up from me, BUT didnt kill him, then calmed down, /phew.

Much awaited answers to the whole asylum, death of Arthur and other things sorted out, fast forward to Roland speakign german to a guard, whilst impersonatiing one. Had me in stiches when he played "uh oh, we'er gona need a bigger boat" cue inmates /facepalm, "oh look theres a big guy with not a lot there upstairs going stright for Morag /cry.

This was a mega adventure, couldnt have another fight.... oh wait whats this.

British intelligence at the same boat as us, trying to get some plans off some gerries "they dont like it up them sir" comes to mind. Was fantastic the head NPC, took out four mooks by himself.

BUT what surpised me more, I took a double barrel, short range, shotgun, to the chest, and lived. This was shortly followed by Rig getting stuck, in a dark room, which was just comical from the Gm's POV. Then the night ended with ... a bang, yeah a grenade suicide by our bad guy. Two mega fights in one evening, was great.


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