Von Richter's Ring

A Silver Ring, bearing no hallmark, in the form of a Bat.

One was given to Garvin by The Man in the Red Sash. Others have been seen on the fingers of Mister Green and Sgt. Williams.

During a fight in a facility beneath the Tiger Docks in London, Garvin's mind was taken over by The Man in the Red Sash and believed that the ring he wore had some kind of weakening effect on his psyche and subsequently tried to take it off. As he did so, it heated up, blistering the skin around the ring, at least, to Garvin's vision. Other's could not see the blistering, but did experience the heating when they tried to help him remove the ring.

Game StatisticsEdit

The wearer of the ring is more susceptible to Psionic Powers used by the 'master of the ring'.

Where powers can be resisted or avoided in some way, the wearer of the ring suffers a -4 penalty to their rolls.

If any attempt to remove the ring, then a Vigour roll must be made, with the same penalty, to overcome the feeling of heat that emanates from the ring and be able to remove it. Whether the ring is removed or not, they will still see heavy blistering on the finger where the ring was worn, but others will be unable to do so. If the wearer goes bust on the Vigour roll, they actually take a wound from the attempt and will be at -2 to all actions involving that hand for a full day.

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